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Shooting games

Apple Hunt


You play as Little Red Ridding Hood, your mother has sent you into the woods to gather some apples so she can make a pie, but woe once you have done your job that meanie, The Big Bad Wolf, has scattered the fruits of your labor, i,e. the apples, throughout the forest. Now you have to pick up the apples and throw them into the basket, good luck!

Virtual Cop


You are a cop sent to take care of a bank robbery, armed only with a revolver(I think it's a revolver 'cause you get 6 bullets every time you reload) you have to shoot your way into the bank, through the bank and into the vault and then kill everyone in the vault, this'll be a cake walk.

WARNING: The music and graphics on this game are so bad your brain will bleed, play at your own risk



You are a cowboy that has just roamed into town,and ya know what that means? Yup, you gotta shoot everyone that looks at ya funny.



You are abroad a submarine, I think, and you need to bring down the enemy gunships without hitting civilian leisure craft. Good luck with that.



You where planning to meet your friends and go into the woods, when suddenly they are snatched up by ghosts from the manor. Being a good little scout you are prepared for the situation. Go to the manor and kill the spooks to find your friends.