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Fun games

Fuzzy 2


An even greater game with an even worse sound trek, and I didn't think it was possible, go figure. This time Fuzzy is in the pet store, and Mr Paranoid(mice) is back with reinforcements! And as always the threat of death looms over our dear Fuzzy, it's do or die! ...........unless you just want to see as much gore as possible, then you can play on "free" mode in till the walls turn red and you turn blue.



Possibly the greatest game ever made, aside from the ear splitting sound trek. You play as Fuzzy, the cat, who has only 30 seconds to live, kill Mr Paranoid,(the mice) to earn more time for Fuzzy to live. Once the timer reaches zero Fuzzy will explode in bloody gore.



Guide the falling ball though the falls in the shelves as they move up. It gets faster every 5 seconds, so don't think it's easy!

P.S. I really like the music in this game



Sort tools by dragging them where they belong. The faster you do it the better. Log in before playing to keep your scores.



Control the tornado and terrorize the town to earn points, see the cheerleader and have a cruel laugh at someone else's expense.