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Color Burst


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A seemingly excessively simple game,all color burst requires you to do is click on a moving dot to create a burst, simple right? And what if I was then to tell you that the burst has to touch other dots to create more busts in order to meet the quota? And the quota rises with each level? Not so simple now, is it?

Hey, what's the highest score

Hey, what's the highest score anyone can win in this game?


I don't think there's much

I don't think there's much room for improvement from your 388. I believe this game could be more exciting if there were some kind of bonuses there like faster moving dots, bigger or longer lasting bursts, etc.


You can do a bit better if

You can do a bit better if you try a little harder on lower levels ;)


Best ever

That's the best game to play at work. It doesn't make sounds, it doesn't need any sudden movements. You can leave it anytime and pick it up exectly as you left it whenever you boss is not watching. It takes forever to complete, so it's good for the whole day in the office. It doesn't require you to think, but lets keep concentrated expression on your face.