The good old Moonlander. Use arrow keys to navigate. You have to land on three landing pads, indicated by arrows. Watch for fuel! The fastest pilot wins. If you are logged in, your time will be saved. If you manage to survive through the game that is.

Super Stars


An easy to grasp arcade game. Get points for collecting stars. Avoid missiles, or your space ship end up in a fiery explosion, and no more stars for you.



An Arkanoid clone with a soccer ball. It keeps your score if you are logged in.

Starfrosch Revolution


Navigate your frog to collect the stars. As a responsible frog owner, you definitely don't want it touch any of those pretty poisonous blue flowers.

Seal Bounce


Yeti launches the penguin into the air. Seals hanging out of iceberg wall caves bounce him him up, helping Pingu to keep airborne, and rich new heights.