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Space Rescue


You are flying a space rescue pod in an area of a spaceship collision with an asteroid. Pick up helpless stranded astronauts and avoid collisions with asteroids. The asteroids will eventually kill you anyway. After completion the game will reload itself and save your scores if you are logged in.
You only have to rescue everyone twice, after that you have to party with the rescued on their home planet. The score doesn't go much past 9000.



Use your mouse to guide the missiles in the War On Terror.

Stick Avalanche


Move your stick figure left and right to avoid killer stuff falling from skies. Try to catch red dots, they give you points.



A collection of three tetris-like games with different colored shapes. Have fun.

Laser War 2


Enemies are all around you. That makes them easy to spot. Lay mines and fire your laser to stay alive and progress to new levels with, you gueesed it, more enemies.