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Space Killer


Piloting surprisingly big and ugly space ship, fire blue stuff at lobster-like enemy vessels who can do nothing more but move straight ahead. If they collide with you, you are dead. If you shoot them, they are dead. If you avoid a collision, everyone is happy and alive, but you are not getting any points. You are a space killer, so kill some harmless monsters to gain some points or something!

Fruit Drop


A tetris clone with a fruity theme.



You are piloting a small space ship through a chaotic swarm of huge asteroids. Likely for you and your family, you have an endless supply of ammunition to destroy them. Log in before playing if you want your scores recorded.

Ball Trap


Collect all blue balls on the blue side, red ball on the red side, and don't let them escape to the wrong side.

Alien Abduction


Your flying saucer is on a mission of collecting human specimens. Chase them up an beam them in, be a good alien!