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Rolling Marbles


A logical game with lots of levels based on different variations of the popular puzzle idea of marbles bursting when placed in groups. Can be a single-player or a two-payer game.



Profit is based on board game Acquire. You buy and sell shares, merge companies. The more money you have by the end, the better profiteer you are.



A collection of three tetris-like games with different colored shapes. Have fun.

Open Liero X


A two-dimesional Worm War game with heaps of levels and tons of fun. Enjoy.

Frozen Bubble


Once dubbed the most addictive game in the world. It was originally written for Linux and spawn a whole host of ports and clones. The rules are simple: shoot bubbles out of the cannon to form self-destructing groups of three or more. If no more bubbles left, you win. If the ceiling falls on you first, you loose.