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Fun games

Zidane - The Real Head Butt


Give Italian footballers what they deserve!

Frog Blender 2000


Just another little blood-and-gore fun animal cruelty for no reason game. On the other hand, the frog's been just plain rude. There's a lesson in this: if you are a frog in a blender, try and behave.

Zelda - Kill the Old Man


For ones who always wanted to kill the old man from Zelda. Here's your chance!

Open Liero X


A two-dimesional Worm War game with heaps of levels and tons of fun. Enjoy.

Sober Santa 2


Okay, I know we are right in the middle of the year, as far from x-mas as you can get, but it has been far too long since we posted something that involved fart jokes. So settle back and get ready for "sober" santa! Use your arrow keys to control the increasingly uncontrollable santa within the area inside the toy train tracks(careful, their electrified!) and collect the cups and pies that appear on the screen.