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Army of Destruction


The enemy keeps attacking your base, wave after wave. They are becoming more sophisticated and aggressive. You have no choice just to shoot them. Shoot the fastest moving and heaviest armed first, they do more damage. Use your bonus cash on repairs and resupply wisely.

Eventually your base will fall. Try to move this moment as far in the future as you can.

Quest for Power


You are Arthur, the young noble ruler of Cornwall. You are set to defeat all the neighboring kings and queens, concur their kingdoms, and bring their people freedom, prosperity, democracy, and all that other good stuff that comes from brutal despots and other politicians. To achieve your goal, you attack your neighbours with a catapult and kill their soldiers with your own sword. That'll teach them how to defend their land! Like in the real life, every killing brings you more money, you spend it to buy more troops and weapons, and perform more killings, and so on. Enjoy.

Stormwinds: The Lost Campaigns


It was four years ago that the invasion first began, we held them of but we paid a heavy price. Now after four years of rebuilding they have returned, and I fear that this time we are almost certainly doomed to fail. Unless you can hold them off, by choosing primary, secondary, support,passive,buffer, vehicle and defensive towers and shooting down the enemies.

This game combines elements of strategy, tower of defence and shooting games, enjoy!!!



It's a common Battleships game you play against supposedly unsuspected computer. Apparently ships can touch each other. The best battleships game I played since ever!

Star Defense


Strategically place defense satellites around your planet to protect it against alien space battleships.
A tower defense game with a twist: you need to aim and shoot yourself instead of relaying on your defense solely installations.