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Free game, play all you want, you never have to pay anything

Box Head


It's zombie killing time! go into the city and rescue the civilians in blue garb from the horde of invading zombies!

Space Rescue


You are flying a space rescue pod in an area of a spaceship collision with an asteroid. Pick up helpless stranded astronauts and avoid collisions with asteroids. The asteroids will eventually kill you anyway. After completion the game will reload itself and save your scores if you are logged in.
You only have to rescue everyone twice, after that you have to party with the rescued on their home planet. The score doesn't go much past 9000.



Okay, here's the deal, your name is Khronos, and you are a hero who bravely fought against the Romans. But all that has no meaning when you wake up in the Underworld and meet Sish, who says that this is his world and you are dead. He tells you that you are a weak human, but he will let you be a true hero and fight his dark army. Fight the hordes of monsters and unlock new characters, and then you shall receive your just reward.



Use your mouse to guide the missiles in the War On Terror.

Iraq Lobster


Defend the Matching Towel Beach against Iraq Lobster invasion. Through butter sauce at them. Reload with the space bar. There are more of them on every new level, they are better equipped and move faster and faster! Don't let the catchy B-52s tune distract you! Eventually you loose, but your score will be submitted to ITKid to be kept for ever as a reminder of your selfless sacrifice!