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Adventure games

Zelda Walk


Apparently some kind of Zelda-like game or something?

Zelda - Links Rupee Madness


Another take on Zelda's adventures. Have fun. Log in before playing to record your score.

Zelda - Seeds of Darkness


A level of classical Legend of Zelda, and online version. Follow your heart.

Super Karoshi


An apparently Japanese walking-jumping-dying game. Have fun while you're alive. When you die, you explode as a bloody fireworkish explosion for some reason. Is it how people usually die? Anyway, you have to die to get to the next level. That's what your goal for the screen is - to die.

Zayo 2


You have reached the final boss, and what does he do? He runs away. You must now go down into the mines while being attacked by bugs and who knows what else( honestly, I have no idea WHAT those things are, hermit crabs maybe) and catch up to him!