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Quest for Power


You are Arthur, the young noble ruler of Cornwall. You are set to defeat all the neighboring kings and queens, concur their kingdoms, and bring their people freedom, prosperity, democracy, and all that other good stuff that comes from brutal despots and other politicians. To achieve your goal, you attack your neighbours with a catapult and kill their soldiers with your own sword. That'll teach them how to defend their land! Like in the real life, every killing brings you more money, you spend it to buy more troops and weapons, and perform more killings, and so on. Enjoy.



A racing game against time. Drive your tiny green automobile as fast as possible. The road shape doesn't make it easy. You have ten laps to show what you can do.



An Arkanoid clone with a soccer ball. It keeps your score if you are logged in.

Starfrosch Revolution


Navigate your frog to collect the stars. As a responsible frog owner, you definitely don't want it touch any of those pretty poisonous blue flowers.



A common dart game. Your goal is to get 501 points in as few tries as possible. Your score will be saved if you are logged in.