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Sports games

Kitty Baseball


No one gets hurt here.
You are a cat playing baseball, not a baseballer using a cat as a ball! Unusual and confusing, I know.



A common dart game. Your goal is to get 501 points in as few tries as possible. Your score will be saved if you are logged in.

Sewer Skater


You are skating in a sewer, quite obvious. Try to stay on your skate and collect points by performing tricks. Easier said than done. If you don't collect enough points in given time, you end up swimming in raw sewerage. I love it!

Rugger Bugger


You are a fan watching a game of rugby, and it's not going well. So you decide to take matters into your own hands, and streak while your at it. Use the mouse to avoid angry rugby players and run down the game officials. Collect pies and beer and unleash the farts of war!

Jeeves Volleyball


You know that old volleyball game where two round guys play volleyball? Well this game morphs the round guys into butlers and the ball into a teapot, oh and adds "classy" music and a stereotyped background as well as sports commentary, of sorts.