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Island Colonizer


I'm not really clear on what's going on with this one, all I know is that you are this little bald guy with a bunch of guns. There are helicopters with soldiers coming out and shooting at you, so of course the only thing you can do is shoot back!

Fuzzy 3


Okay, who gave the hamsters machine guns? and how did Mr Paranoid get their paws on jet packs? and how is it even possible that the sound trek got worse??? On the bright side Fuzzy has more cool moves and more modes to play on, this isn't just about blood and gore anymore! it's all action!!!....okay, so it's still about the blood and guts flying every where, but it does have action!

Stick-Man Sam


Your name is Sam and you are a stick-man, well dah! You wake up in a strange room with nothing but gray walls and a speaker, a speaker with a voice coming from it, a voice telling you that your training is beginning, and then..........

Treasure Diver


Dive for treasure, watch out for sharks, watch your oxygen level.

Alien Clones


Walk and shoot everyone before they attack you.