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Box Head


It's zombie killing time! go into the city and rescue the civilians in blue garb from the horde of invading zombies!



Ever wanted piloting classical Soviet cold war bomber TU 95 BEAR? No? Well now you can anyway. The game is complete with red stars and an ugly flight instructor with a gibberish name, a clear indication the game developers well know Russia from such movies as Rambo and that episode of Simpsons where Lisa end up in a Russian suburb of Springfield.

Ninja Quest


In this game you get to choose from a bunch of different dudes and go on a quest to save the princess, I'm not sure or what or who, from the "bad clan", what ever that means. You basically have to kill a bunch of ninja on each level in order to be able to kill more ninja next level, only with a better sword.



Zayo, that is your name, zayo, that is what the monsters who want to to kill you call you and your kind. It is up to you to fight back. First use your club to escape and fight the guards, then find a machine gun, a shotgun, a helicopter... and your on your way. Hunt those who hunt you.

Beetles Wars


This game finally answers the question that wise men had been asking themselves for generations: do bugs need money? Your little green beetle will surely need some to buy armor and fighting skills if it is to survive long enough to complete the mission. Remember: it is on it's own, you can't trust other beetles. In fact, they are the ones who will attack your beetle if they get close enough.