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Fighting games



Okay, here's the deal, your name is Khronos, and you are a hero who bravely fought against the Romans. But all that has no meaning when you wake up in the Underworld and meet Sish, who says that this is his world and you are dead. He tells you that you are a weak human, but he will let you be a true hero and fight his dark army. Fight the hordes of monsters and unlock new characters, and then you shall receive your just reward.

Tiny Battle


Fight you way though the game in till you get to the Boss, and hopefully beat the stuffing out of him. All you have to do is stab, slash and kick as many enemies as each level throws at you and upgrade between levels.

The Savior

I'm not really clear on the details, but you are a knight running around atop the castle wall while a huge flaming suite of armor with a club, well, clubs you and mysterious balls of flame attack you. There is also a rat thief that will drop stones if you hit him. Use the stones to upgrade your weapon and defeat the giant clubbing thing that's clubbing you.

3 Foot Ninja

One of the best fighting games around.

Tako Fu


Fight off the oversize enemies and protect Taco Bell.