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Puzzle games



An application to open and solve AcrossLite puzzle Crossword files. Croswords can be found on many newspaper and other informational and entertainment websites.



In this classic puzzle you need to click on the tiles to move them into the empty slot, shirting them around in till you have the full picture. Just click the arrows under the display picture to change your puzzle!



Legendary Supaplex is here! Just download, unzip, and enjoy. A hundred levels of pure timeless pleasure 90s style.

Under Construction


A form of Tetris where you pick up the shapes from a conveyor belt before they drop into the dumpster(you'll get a penalty if they do), rotate them and set them into place to achieve a set shape. You will need to earn a certain amount of points to move on to the next level, setting the same color blocks next to each other will earn you a bonus.

Rolling Marbles


A logical game with lots of levels based on different variations of the popular puzzle idea of marbles bursting when placed in groups. Can be a single-player or a two-payer game.