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Shooting games

Iraq Lobster


Defend the Matching Towel Beach against Iraq Lobster invasion. Through butter sauce at them. Reload with the space bar. There are more of them on every new level, they are better equipped and move faster and faster! Don't let the catchy B-52s tune distract you! Eventually you loose, but your score will be submitted to ITKid to be kept for ever as a reminder of your selfless sacrifice!

227 Movies


A 3d shooter at its best. Choose your weapon, aim, and fire. Conserve your ammunition.
"I know what you're thinking. Did I fire six shots or just five?"
Do you feel lucky, punk?

Zombie Survival


Oh the joy of owning a machine gun! So new and shiny! If only there was some where you could use it! Oh wait, you know just the place, a forest very close by, that by chance, just happens to have zombies coming out of the ground and you can shoot to your hearts content, oh happy day!

Hive Hero


You are a bee defending your hive from invading wasps! Shoot them down as they send suicide bombers, try to sting you or even use giant wasps with guns that shoot out tiny wasps! Shoot them all down while collecting power ups to stay alive. Now get out there and be the hero your hive needs!

Conquer Antarctica


You are in control of two adorable penguins in red hats equipped with but a spyglass and a dream, that and a bazooka.
Your mission is to conquer territory in Antarctica by shooting the other penguins of their icebergs. Don't worry they don't have the little red hats, so it's okay. Use your mouse to create a trajectory and then click the "fire" button to,well, fire. LET THE CONQUEST BEGIN!

P.S. the enemy has bazookas too, so be careful!