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Under Construction


A form of Tetris where you pick up the shapes from a conveyor belt before they drop into the dumpster(you'll get a penalty if they do), rotate them and set them into place to achieve a set shape. You will need to earn a certain amount of points to move on to the next level, setting the same color blocks next to each other will earn you a bonus.

Tiny Battle


Fight you way though the game in till you get to the Boss, and hopefully beat the stuffing out of him. All you have to do is stab, slash and kick as many enemies as each level throws at you and upgrade between levels.

Rolling Marbles


A logical game with lots of levels based on different variations of the popular puzzle idea of marbles bursting when placed in groups. Can be a single-player or a two-payer game.

Stick Avalanche


Move your stick figure left and right to avoid killer stuff falling from skies. Try to catch red dots, they give you points.



Profit is based on board game Acquire. You buy and sell shares, merge companies. The more money you have by the end, the better profiteer you are.