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Open Liero X


A two-dimesional Worm War game with heaps of levels and tons of fun. Enjoy.

Ninja Quest


In this game you get to choose from a bunch of different dudes and go on a quest to save the princess, I'm not sure or what or who, from the "bad clan", what ever that means. You basically have to kill a bunch of ninja on each level in order to be able to kill more ninja next level, only with a better sword.

Army of Destruction


The enemy keeps attacking your base, wave after wave. They are becoming more sophisticated and aggressive. You have no choice just to shoot them. Shoot the fastest moving and heaviest armed first, they do more damage. Use your bonus cash on repairs and resupply wisely.

Eventually your base will fall. Try to move this moment as far in the future as you can.

Zelda - Seeds of Darkness


A level of classical Legend of Zelda, and online version. Follow your heart.

Color Burst


A seemingly excessively simple game,all color burst requires you to do is click on a moving dot to create a burst, simple right? And what if I was then to tell you that the burst has to touch other dots to create more busts in order to meet the quota? And the quota rises with each level? Not so simple now, is it?