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Adventure games

Roman Rumble


You are either a purple, funny looking squirrel or a purple blob who's name is Squirrel, honestly I can't tell. For some reason you are stuck atop some roman columns with swords and weird ninja star type things flying at you and coins and coins and vases popping up from bellow. Use your mouse to move and click the left button on your mouse to jump. Oh and what ever you do, don't fall of the columns.



You're an angel on your way to work and you fall through a hole in the clouds, happens to everyone right? You lose all your feathers and get stuck on a wooden island in the sky, again, happens to everybody. Now you need to collect enough feathers to get back to heaven......well, good luck with that.



The vengeance continues



Three cyclops brothers raised an army ad destroyed a peaceful village, but a hoplite survived and set out to seek vengeance.

Bank Robber


Study the blue prints, select the team, buy the tools and rob the bank to rake in the dough and become a famous and robber.