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Adventure games



A clone of popular Portal game. Move through the maze by opening portals in its walls, ceilings, and floors.

Stealth Hunter


Invisibility is your best talent and chance. Avoid detection, reach the exit point.

Slime Battle for Burgers


After the pizza, Slime is still hungry. Its new quest, Battle for Burgers, became even more complicated after its evil twin Zlime was created and made the headlines. Now everybody after Zlime. Slime has it tough too because no one can tell the difference between good Slime and evil Zlime.

Slime Quest for Pizza


You are a very handsome piece of slime created in a lab by evil scientists. You are stack in your original jar. Now you grew really hungry and have to do something about it. You are a piece of slime in a glass jar, so, what are your options?

Fancy Pants Adventure


Use arrow keys to run and manipulate objects, s-key to jump. Collect bonuses, avoid monsters. They don't survive if you jump on top of them, you don't survive if you run into them.