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Adventure games

Get The Glass


Dubbed the best online game ever, Get The Glass will certainly impress you. Unusually for a flash game it is 3D of highest quality. Get on board and get with the story. It is online and it is tottaly free, no registration, nothing, just the Game.

Mr Walters Grand Excursion


Go around and collect carrots.
Press space bar to start. Use left and right arrow keys to move around and select the level. P pauses the game, E exits. Read brown signs for more useful instructions. Good like, bunny!

The Closer


Another business office life simulator. Make your way to the decision maker's office by throwing your business card at office clerks.

Mr Shuster


Walk ahead, jump as needed, collect bonuses, avoid the spikes.



So, you think you have problems? Try this little game. After that real life will certainly seem care free.