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Rugger Bugger


You are a fan watching a game of rugby, and it's not going well. So you decide to take matters into your own hands, and streak while your at it. Use the mouse to avoid angry rugby players and run down the game officials. Collect pies and beer and unleash the farts of war!



One of the most pointless and annoying games ever, Sleep is a game that gives you a countdown, 3,2,1, then shows a quick image of a random number of moving "stars" that are in reality just a bunch of dots and then asks you to guess how many there where before your time runs out.



We all know sim games right? well this is a sim that creates a camping ground and builds up to the campers whims. The more campers stay the more buildings you unlock from toilets to supermarkets, this game has it all!

The Savior

I'm not really clear on the details, but you are a knight running around atop the castle wall while a huge flaming suite of armor with a club, well, clubs you and mysterious balls of flame attack you. There is also a rat thief that will drop stones if you hit him. Use the stones to upgrade your weapon and defeat the giant clubbing thing that's clubbing you.

Jeeves Volleyball


You know that old volleyball game where two round guys play volleyball? Well this game morphs the round guys into butlers and the ball into a teapot, oh and adds "classy" music and a stereotyped background as well as sports commentary, of sorts.