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Super Fishing


Do not play this game! For the love of God don't! I'm serious! You have to control some Japanese old dude with your mouse and catch fish while avoiding the old undies! And there is a cloud that lightning comes out of if you are under it! And, well that's it really but if you value your sanity and intelligence, under no circumstance, play this game.



You are in what I take to be a space ship, your only goal in not to stop, 'cause when you do it's game over! Use the arrow keys to move from side to side and the space bar to speed up and collect boosts that make you go faster or give you extra points, but avoid the ones that explode on contact!

Roman Rumble


You are either a purple, funny looking squirrel or a purple blob who's name is Squirrel, honestly I can't tell. For some reason you are stuck atop some roman columns with swords and weird ninja star type things flying at you and coins and coins and vases popping up from bellow. Use your mouse to move and click the left button on your mouse to jump. Oh and what ever you do, don't fall of the columns.

Mad Monday


Even dreamed of a high speed chase while you shoot up and run over everything in sight? Well here's your chance in the ultimate road rage game of blood, bullets and speed!

Fuzzy 3


Okay, who gave the hamsters machine guns? and how did Mr Paranoid get their paws on jet packs? and how is it even possible that the sound trek got worse??? On the bright side Fuzzy has more cool moves and more modes to play on, this isn't just about blood and gore anymore! it's all action!!!....okay, so it's still about the blood and guts flying every where, but it does have action!