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Orca Slap


Second game in Yeti Sports saga. A penguin jumps and slides down Orca's back. Orca throws in into the air. Yeti throws a snow ball at your command. If the snow ball hits the penguin in it's flight, you've got a dart-like result. Enjoy.



Hangman.....hangman...let's see now, hangman......Well , EVERYBODY knows this classic. In this version you pick a dictionary like animals or colors and use your keyboard or mouse to play. You get 8 chances, every time you guess wrong a new feature will appear on the mans face, when you see all of it you loose......One thing's for sure, If I had been making this game there would be a lot more gore in it.

Zombie Survival


Oh the joy of owning a machine gun! So new and shiny! If only there was some where you could use it! Oh wait, you know just the place, a forest very close by, that by chance, just happens to have zombies coming out of the ground and you can shoot to your hearts content, oh happy day!

Blob Farm

There is a pipe that comes out of the sky and shoots out little, adorable, blobs who bounce around in a generally happy way. But all is not well i the blobs little world, there is a puddle of toxic green goo that will make them sick, giant bouncy balls and weights dropping from the sky, rockets, and bombs that sometimes come out of the pipe instead of the happy little blobs. You need to click on the blobs and drag them to safety to keep them alive as long as you can.

Hive Hero


You are a bee defending your hive from invading wasps! Shoot them down as they send suicide bombers, try to sting you or even use giant wasps with guns that shoot out tiny wasps! Shoot them all down while collecting power ups to stay alive. Now get out there and be the hero your hive needs!