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Beetles Wars


This game finally answers the question that wise men had been asking themselves for generations: do bugs need money? Your little green beetle will surely need some to buy armor and fighting skills if it is to survive long enough to complete the mission. Remember: it is on it's own, you can't trust other beetles. In fact, they are the ones who will attack your beetle if they get close enough.

Death Trip


You drive a yellow car(I think it's a taxi,can't tell just by looking at it though) that doesn't really follows the controls well, depending on the mode you have two different missions, kill as many people as you can in three minutes, or you can choose to be a goody goody and play as a taxi, try NOT to kill anybody, but what's the point with doing THAT?

Conquer Antarctica


You are in control of two adorable penguins in red hats equipped with but a spyglass and a dream, that and a bazooka.
Your mission is to conquer territory in Antarctica by shooting the other penguins of their icebergs. Don't worry they don't have the little red hats, so it's okay. Use your mouse to create a trajectory and then click the "fire" button to,well, fire. LET THE CONQUEST BEGIN!

P.S. the enemy has bazookas too, so be careful!

Plankton Life 2


It's Plankton Life!........2! The Cute little aquatic critter is back, and this time he's swimming horizontally! oh joy! Help him evolve by using your mouse or the arrow keys if you prefer, avoid the fish and then, well there's this giant crab but I have no idea how to deal with it.



A retro game, an unofficial clone of a classic oldie goldie.
Lead five frogs safely across the road and the river to their homes. You will be surprised how many dangers lurk on the way!