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Plankton Life


You control a plankton floating though what I assume is the ocean. Helping to control the plankton with either your mouse or the arrow keys you need to catch the bubbles and avoid the fish and an occasional mace in order to evolve and thrive.

Zoo Keeper


We are ever so happy to bring you yet another connect three game, oh joy! And what could the exciting theme of this marvel of creativity be?.... No, animals? really? Yup, from lions to elephants, pandas to hippos this game's got it all! Well...actually...I just listed half the animals in the game, but there are still some you don't know!...... Unless you looked at the thumbnail....

Apple Hunt


You play as Little Red Ridding Hood, your mother has sent you into the woods to gather some apples so she can make a pie, but woe once you have done your job that meanie, The Big Bad Wolf, has scattered the fruits of your labor, i,e. the apples, throughout the forest. Now you have to pick up the apples and throw them into the basket, good luck!

Island Colonizer


I'm not really clear on what's going on with this one, all I know is that you are this little bald guy with a bunch of guns. There are helicopters with soldiers coming out and shooting at you, so of course the only thing you can do is shoot back!

Rugger Bugger


You are a fan watching a game of rugby, and it's not going well. So you decide to take matters into your own hands, and streak while your at it. Use the mouse to avoid angry rugby players and run down the game officials. Collect pies and beer and unleash the farts of war!