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Stick Avalanche


Move your stick figure left and right to avoid killer stuff falling from skies. Try to catch red dots, they give you points.

Zelda - Kill the Old Man


For ones who always wanted to kill the old man from Zelda. Here's your chance!

Zelda - Links Rupee Madness


Another take on Zelda's adventures. Have fun. Log in before playing to record your score.

227 Movies


A 3d shooter at its best. Choose your weapon, aim, and fire. Conserve your ammunition.
"I know what you're thinking. Did I fire six shots or just five?"
Do you feel lucky, punk?

Laser War 2


Enemies are all around you. That makes them easy to spot. Lay mines and fire your laser to stay alive and progress to new levels with, you gueesed it, more enemies.