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Place a knight on the board and move it in L shape patterns to obliterate the evading black pawns! Remember, it only takes 8 pawns to take down your beloved castle, so be careful!

Kitty Baseball


No one gets hurt here.
You are a cat playing baseball, not a baseballer using a cat as a ball! Unusual and confusing, I know.



You play as the owner of a Kindergarten, everyday you will look after babies that need feeding, changing, entertaining and so on. As long as you keep the babies happy you get paid, the money helps you buy furniture, new rooms and hire help. Your goal? Own the best Kindergarten in town!

Under Construction


A form of Tetris where you pick up the shapes from a conveyor belt before they drop into the dumpster(you'll get a penalty if they do), rotate them and set them into place to achieve a set shape. You will need to earn a certain amount of points to move on to the next level, setting the same color blocks next to each other will earn you a bonus.

Tiny Battle


Fight you way though the game in till you get to the Boss, and hopefully beat the stuffing out of him. All you have to do is stab, slash and kick as many enemies as each level throws at you and upgrade between levels.