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Election Incrimination


The election is long over, so I guess it's now safe to put up this game. Find out just what the candidates had that needed hiding, and, well, help them hide it from the press. Just pick up everything with your mouse and drop it it the place that flashes.


The good old Moonlander. Use arrow keys to navigate. You have to land on three landing pads, indicated by arrows. Watch for fuel! The fastest pilot wins. If you are logged in, your time will be saved. If you manage to survive through the game that is.

Super Stars


An easy to grasp arcade game. Get points for collecting stars. Avoid missiles, or your space ship end up in a fiery explosion, and no more stars for you.



Ah, the ancient art of tic-tac-toe, it has entertained wise man and idiot alike for centuries. Now you can play you FAVORITE game against other players or against your computer on easy or hard settings. Enjoy!

Quest for Power


You are Arthur, the young noble ruler of Cornwall. You are set to defeat all the neighboring kings and queens, concur their kingdoms, and bring their people freedom, prosperity, democracy, and all that other good stuff that comes from brutal despots and other politicians. To achieve your goal, you attack your neighbours with a catapult and kill their soldiers with your own sword. That'll teach them how to defend their land! Like in the real life, every killing brings you more money, you spend it to buy more troops and weapons, and perform more killings, and so on. Enjoy.